KOLHU POWER GHANA/GHANI - Almond (Badam) Oil Special (1 KG)

Oilseed processing has been a significant part of India’s economy for centuries. India is a leading producer of various oilseeds such as sesame, groundnut, mustard, and linseed. The traditional oil mill machine used in India for crushing these oilseeds is known as Kolhu or Ghani.

Kolhu is a historical treasure of India’s oilseed industry, which has been used for centuries to extract oil from oilseeds. It is a simple machine consisting of a large stone or wooden mortar and a pestle. The oilseeds are placed in the mortar, and the pestle is rotated to crush and grind them into a paste, which is then pressed to extract the oil.

Despite the arrival of modern oil mill machinery such as oil expellers, screw presses, and solvent extraction plants, Kolhu still has a significant presence in rural India. The reasons for its continued use are not only historical but also practical. Kolhu is a low-cost and eco-friendly method of oil extraction, which requires minimum energy input and can be operated manually or with the help of animals such as bullocks.

However, the use of Kolhu has declined in recent years due to its low capacity, low efficiency, and high labor requirements. Modern oil mill machinery is more efficient and capable of processing larger volumes of oilseeds, which has made it a more viable option for industrial oil processing.

Oil mill machinery manufacturers in India offer a wide range of modern machines, including oil expellers, screw presses, and solvent extraction plants, which cater to the needs of small-scale and large-scale oil mill operators. These machines are designed to extract oil from a wide range of oilseeds, using various methods such as mechanical pressing, solvent extraction, and cold pressing.

In conclusion, Kolhu is a traditional oil mill machine that has played a significant role in India’s oilseed industry for centuries. It is a historical treasure of India’s rural economy, but its use has declined in recent years due to the arrival of modern oil mill machinery. Despite this, Kolhu remains a vital part of India’s culture and heritage, and its legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

± PRODUCTION : 1 KG in only 10 Minutes.


± Power : 2 HP Single Face Electric Motor.
± Design : Small and Slick Design for easy to use and move. .

» It also available in CROWN PINEN(Automatic) model and with Gear Model.

Note : In all our Kolu Power Ghana / Ghani Product you can use all kind of oil seeds for process and Oil Extraction –

» Almond (Badam)
» Peanuts (Mungphali)
» Tara Mira
» Mustered (Sarson)
» Milt (Tilli)
» Caster (Arandi)
» Cardmom (Ilayachi)
» Malkankani
» Pumpkin (Kaddu)